Thank you for your financial gift!

We are happy to provide an online giving option!  Online giving allows members and others to support the church even when they are unable to attend.  

You may give a one time gift from your checking account, debit card or credit card. You may also set up a recurring schedule of giving that would be automatic and based on your preferences.  Recurring payments can be changed or stopped at your choosing.  

This electronic approach to giving will significantly streamline the record keeping for the church as well as our reporting to you for tax purposes.  

While the convenience of a credit card is good, accumulation of consumer debt is not! If you are not accustomed to paying your credit card in full each month, we would encourage you to consider using a debit card or check withdrawal as you give.

We want to thank you for your generous support of our church.  It is your generosity that allows our church to grow and continue the mission of Christ. To give online, simply fill out the form below.  Please call us if you have any questions!

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First Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation will be tax-deductible.
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